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Our cross-chain modules will not only harmonize the current Web3 ecosystem, but also catalyze further adoption.




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The Entity Surge is focused on catalyzing Web3 growth in a range of different key areas. We look for projects with high potential that fill gaps in the ecosystem, no matter if they are working on DeFi, GameFi, real-world blockchain applications, or beyond.
Phase 1

Entity Surge

Seamlessly launching projects on multiple chains

  • Truly cross-chain launches from TGE
  • Fully regulated and compliant
  • Streamlined UX for end-users
  • Multiple launch options to suit builders' needs
  • Instant listing on SWAP + Bridge Aggregator

The Entity Surge is our streamlined token distribution solution that makes life easy for builders across multiple ecosystems.
Phase 2

Entity Terminal

Cross-chain portfolio management and trading

  • Track your portfolio across ecosystems
  • Explore useful on-chain data
  • Manage complex trading positions
  • Enjoy contextual data & visualizations
  • Trade both spot and derivatives

Cross-chain portfolio management and trading dashboard with streamlined access to spot and derivatives, plus data-driven insights.
Phase 3

Bridge Aggregator

Streamlined and secure bridging hub

  • Best bridging pathfinder
  • Adaptive dual-score security
  • Built-in Arbitrage Protocol
  • Decentralized via relayer network
  • Intuitive UX for all users

The Bridge Aggregator will deliver powerful interoperability between ecosystems with the best rates and security.
Phase 4

Cross-Chain SWAP

No-hassle swapping between ecosystems

  • Guarantees the best rates
  • Decentralized risk protection
  • Minimal fees for swappers
  • Ensures insignificant MEV
  • Supports single-sided liquidity

Entity’s Cross-Chain SWAP will further connect the cross-chain world and unleash powerful new liquidity flows.



Wolfgang Rückerl

Wolfgang Rückerl, CEO

With over 5 years as a Web3 founder and incubator, Wolfgang combines his leadership experience with his passion for innovation.

Christian Grenz

Christian Grenz, CIO

Entity’s technical co-founder Christian is an experienced developer who specializes in scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Michael Stephan

Michael Stephen, CPO

Michael is a blockchain native with expertise in planning and executing decentralized products from start to finish.

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